Homemade Soups

Cup $2.25, Bowl $3.25

Chicken Fingers


Served with regular fries: $7.25

Basket of Fries


Waffle Fries


Chicken Caesar Salad


Parmesan cheese, bacon, tomato, caesar dressing & croutons.

Garlic Chicken Salad


Grilled chicken garnished with green pepper, onion, tomato & mushroom.

Southwest Chicken Salad


Choice of grilled or crispy chicken, shredded mixed cheese, tomato and tortilla chips. Served with southwest dressing.

Julienne Salad


Slices of ham and turkey garnished with blended cheese, bacon, tomato, pickles and croutons.

Taco Salad


Mound of lettuce with seasoned ground beef, tomato and cheese. Served with tortilla chips. With Chicken $7.25.

Chef Salad


Chicken strips, tomato, cucumber, shredded cheese, bacon and croutons.

Tossed Salad


Garnished with tomato, green pepper, onion, croutons and cheese. *As a side add $0.75.

Buffalo Chicken Salad


Boneless buffalo style chicken, shredded cheese, tomato and croutons.